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Shadow Over Avalon

Well that was a nice way to start my day. Thank you so much to wonderful people from the U.K.

Shadow Over Avalon

I have just found out how to get my trailer for Shadow Over Avalon on to my website. It wasn’t working before as I have a full site here and not just a blog. Now it works. Yay!

Shadow Over Avalon.



The ultimate cut.

What happens when everything, including their name, is taken away from a person? What happens when those memories start to return and the person knows what they have lost? Rage builds, for there is nothing of value left to lose. A killer is born, and yet can they be salvaged? Should they be salvaged? And how does this impact on a beleaguered humanity with only one last chance left for freedom? The stakes are terminal. Failure cannot be an option, or hope will be gone. How does this resolve? Who will win and who will lose?  Find out now in Shadow Over Avalon