Arthur has always been a loner, set apart by his exceptional telepathy skills. He doesn’t want the life of a Seer in the undersea city of Avalon. He wants to use his skills to fight the overlords on the surface world, who are subjugating humanity,  but to do that he must register as normal. What is normal for a man without a clue who his parents were, or maybe are? Why are his birth records sealed? 

Curious about the lives of the slave people on the surface, he begins the study of one who escaped. Once highly placed, Shadow has become a mercenary serving Avalon to fight the beast overlords. The deeper he gets into her life, the more he attracts the attention he doesn’t want. What was once a fun diversion from his Seer studies now takes on deadly overtones. Someone is lying. It could cost him more than his life. 

The trailer.…/B00GAN…/ref=la_B00DJS9QP0_1_1……/dp/B00GAN6HMG/ref=sr_1_1……/dp/B00GAN6HMG/ref=sr_1_1……/shadow…/1117299037……/shadow-over…/id735615772…

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